Article in “The Daily Telegraph” on the new Bucharest restaurant scene

The article, published on 5 Mach ’09, informs on the new culinary scene that recently started developing in Prague, Budapest and Bucharest. For Romania’s capital the author assigned the shortest space in the article, probably because the city is the least interesting from a culinary perspective, rightly noting that not long ago there were “few edible dishes at all in Bucharest”. While for Budapest and Prague, the journalist Devanshi Mody, who wrote the article, notes a real preoccupation among the tops chefs to promote the local cuisine in a modern culinary setting, in Bucharest they are content with the trusted international food, the Romanian traditional cuisine being shun off: 

Bucharest is coming into vogue again with a trend for modern, minimalist cuisine rather than traditional Romanian fare. Beautiful historic restaurants, shut down by the communists for being too opulent, are now back in business, serving everything from French salads to surprisingly al dente pastas. 

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