I am passionate about period properties and believe that the period and traditional buildings of Romania are in many aspects the undiscovered architectural gems of Europe that have yet to realise their potential.

My main areas of expertise are on:

a_saxonhouse_image_1Transylvanian Saxon houses. Located mainly in southern Transylvania, the historical Saxon districts are the best preserved medieval architectural province of Europe. The remarkable architecture of these old buildings represents a gathering of local and eastern influences grafted on what is quintessentially a western type of domestic and religious design. These properties are similar in terms of style and structure with examples of traditional houses from the regions such as Luxembourg, and adjacent areas from France and Germany and require similar renovation-restoration techniques.

b_neoromanianhouse_image_1Neo-Romanian style buildings. It is a magnificent style peculiar to Romania developed at the end of 19th century and had its heydays in the inter-war period. A neo-Romanian style house is a valuable piece of property and a restoration project would be an extremely interesting and challenging, but rewarding endeavour.

c_peasanthouse_image_1Traditional peasant farmhouses. The picturesque old peasant farmhouses that dot the pristine landscape of the Romanian Carpathian mountains and piedmonts represent some of the most affordable period property examples and renovation projects to undertake anywhere in Europe.

conacimage_hagieniConacs. That is how the magnificent manor houses of the Victorian era and early 20th century Romanian aristocracy and bourgeoisie are named. A number of these properties are on the market, waiting for to be restored to their former glory.

Your objective:

  • Familiarisation with the Romanian period property market
  • Find out about local architectural styles or specificities of a particular region of Romania.
  • Plan to acquire or are in the process of acquiring a period property in Romania in need of renovation/ improvements
  • Renovate/ restore a period property in order to: *use that property as a residence or holiday home; *increase its re-sale value; *transform that property into a cash generating asset through inclusion within the tourist circuit
  • Do a market research of the period property market.

Support offered:

  • Period property sourcing: Saxon period houses in Transylvania, former aristocratic mansions (conacs), neo-Romanian style buildings and traditional peasant farmhouses in southern and eastern Romania etc.
  • Professional advice on traditional rural architecture and ethnography
  • Historical and ethnographic surveys
  • Research in the local archives and with local historians on the history of the property
  • Sourcing traditional building materials, ethnographic, period decorations and furniture
  • Recommendation and liaison with local restoration architects, teams of specialist restorers and builders using traditional methods
  • Renovation project management
  • Market research on the tourist potential of the property.
  • Period property marketing
  • Advice on integrating the renovation/ restoration project within the structures and specifics of the local community and environment