Getting Divorced? Here are 3 Steps Your Attorney Can Walk you Through

Getting Divorced? Here are 3 Steps Your Attorney Can Walk you Through

Getting divorced is a legal process that should be entered into with care. Because of the nuances involved in ending a marriage, you’ll want to contact family law attorneys in hernando county florida to help you through the ins and outs. Here are a few of the steps involved in a divorce.

Serving a Petition

In its simplest form, a divorce petition states the basic details of the dissolution of a marriage. It includes identifying factors, such as the date and location and names of spouses and children. It also lays out the reason for the divorce and formalizes the petitioner’s requests for divorce-related settlement issues. The petitioner then arranges to have the other spouse served in compliance with the laws of the state in which the petition is delivered.

Completing the Discovery

The discovery phase is the first step to negotiating a fair agreement between spouses. During this phase, attorneys will gather information that provides a clear picture of a couple’s finances. Any details that shed light on assets and liabilities will be crucial to the couple’s futures. The discovery process can be quick, or it can be prolonged, depending on the complexity of the situation. For example, if there are child custody issues that have not been resolved, more time may be spent on completing the discovery.

Arriving at a Settlement

The divorce settlement lays out the details of your divorce and provides legal binding to the terms. If you have children, issues regarding custody, support and living arrangements will be finalized in the settlement. Other agreements may include alimony and property distribution. You can draft a settlement at any point during the process. However, if you can come to an agreement with your spouse earlier, you will save yourself precious time and money. If you hire an attorney to prepare the agreement, you have a better chance of getting what is rightfully yours.

When you’re getting a divorce, getting help from the appropriate avenues is essential. Trying to do it yourself could result in long-term sacrifices that will impact your future stability.