How t​o Choose a Top Criminal Lawyer in Georgia

How t​o Choose a Top Criminal Lawyer in Georgia

A criminal record can have a devastating impact on your life. It can prevent you from receiving federal student aid and ruin your chances of obtaining employment in your dream career field.

A top Criminal Lawyer in Georgia can help you navigate the legal system. They can review the evidence against you and negotiate a plea deal that is in your best interest.


In Georgia, prosecutors are highly motivated to get a conviction and often keep track of how many cases they win. As a result, you need an attorney with extensive criminal trial experience to defend your case against serious charges.

Some of the most common defenses are procedural and involve challenging how law enforcement obtained evidence in a case. For example, if law enforcement pulled you over without reasonable suspicion or searched your home without a warrant, the prosecution could be forced to throw out the evidence, which could mean dismissal of your charges.

Bubba Head has won thousands of criminal cases and is highly rated by Martindale-Hubbell (5.0/5.0 and AV Preeminent). He has been featured on national TV, including CNN and WSB Radio and is co-author with partner Larry Kohn and ex-cop Cory Yager of the DUI book.


When choosing a criminal defense attorney in Georgia, it is important to carefully compare lawyer ratings published by consensus attorney rating services. It is also a good idea to choose a criminal defense lawyer who has experience representing clients charged with sex crimes, drug crimes, or other serious offenses.

Many criminal cases can be resolved without ever going to trial. Prosecutors are often willing to dismiss charges if the defense wins important pretrial motions, such as a motion to suppress evidence obtained illegally. For example, if the police obtained evidence by searching a home or car without a warrant, the defense can get that evidence excluded from the trial, which can destroy the State’s case.

For many college students, a criminal conviction can ruin their dreams of attending graduate school or pursuing a career in a field like law or health care. Having an experienced top criminal attorney by your side can help you avoid a record that could prevent you from achieving your goals in life.

Knowledge of the Law

A criminal defense lawyer with a deep understanding of the laws and legal process that govern crime cases is crucial in helping their clients. They will be able to analyze the evidence and present it in the best way possible. They can also help their clients avoid harsh prosecutors and severe penalties.

For instance, a criminal conviction on the record can prevent an accused citizen from receiving federal student aid and may even ruin their chances of getting into their dream school. This is why it is important for citizens to hire a top criminal attorney as soon as they are arrested.

A good Georgia criminal defense attorney will be able to fight the case for their client by winning pretrial motions like a suppression of evidence. This can be accomplished by demonstrating that law enforcement seized the evidence unlawfully. This will weaken the State’s case and lead to a dismissal of charges. The criminal defense lawyer will also be able to strike potential jurors who are biased or prejudiced against the accused person’s case during jury selection.

Bond Hearings

The more serious the crime, the more likely a judge will set a high bond amount. A good criminal defense attorney knows how to argue your case in court and will be able to get the bail amount reduced or eliminated altogether.

If you are arrested for a crime in Georgia, your first appearance hearing takes place before a magistrate judge who will determine whether or not you will be released on bail. The judge will examine the evidence and will try to decide whether there is probable cause that you committed a particular crime.

During this time, your lawyer may be able to file pretrial motions that can lead to your charges being dismissed or limited, or to access to other evidence the prosecution hasn’t turned over. Mo Wiltshire has worked as a district attorney and as a solicitor general, so he understands how law enforcement works and what types of arguments can be made on your behalf in court.