How to Take a Court-Ordered Class?

How to Take a Court-Ordered Class?

Court ordered classes can serve several purposes. While a judge may order it as part of a punishment, it is also a form of diversion or rehabilitation so that you understand what you did wrong and learn how to avoid doing it again. Classes may be available to juveniles as well as adults, for civil matters as well as criminal offenses. Examples include anger management classes, parenting classes, DWI education, and drug offender education.

If a judge orders you to a class, you have to be able to prove that you took it to avoid further consequences. The following tips can help you get into a class and complete it.

Find Out the Format

While you have to take a class by the judge’s order, you may have options available to you. You may be able to choose whether to take the class online or in person. If you require one or the other, be sure you find out the format before signing up. Keep in mind that the option may not necessarily be available to you.

Confirm Approval

The court will only accept your completion of a course that it has approved. It will probably provide you with a list of approved programs, which you should review carefully. It would be a waste of time to complete an entire class only to find out that it doesn’t count because the program lacked approval. Therefore, you should double-check before signing up.

Register Quickly

You don’t want to waste any time in signing up for a required class. Such classes often fill up quickly, and sometimes they are only offered every once in a while. Therefore, it may be a while before you can sign up again.

You may have a deadline by which you have to complete a court-ordered class. Finding a class and registering early helps ensure that you have a spot and allows you to meet the deadline. However, compliance with the court order is not just a matter of getting into the class. You also have to complete the work in a timely manner.