Types of Cases a Family Law Attorney Can Handle

Types of Cases a Family Law Attorney Can Handle

Family law attorneys are one of the types of lawyers that get hired most in the USA where the divorce rate is high. As its name indicates, family lawyers can handle all kinds of cases that are in the family law field. A divorce lawyer helps to make the divorce process smooth so that favourable settlement can be reached and the case closed within a minimal period.


Divorce is the main reason why people hire a family law attorney. Most people divorce in hostility due to inability to agree to something. That’s where a family law attorney steps in. Family law attorneys can listen to your complaints on the issues you are facing and offer sound advice to help you solve the problems. Family law attorneys in Fort Worth are familiar with the law so they can offer the right advice for your problems.

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Abuse and Neglect

Family law attorney can be a valuable helping hand if you are facing abuse from your ex. The attorney can help you to get away from your abusive spouse so that you and your children can immediately move out to somewhere safe. He can obtain a restraining order from the judge so that your ex will stay away from you in a specific distance.

Family law attorney can act as a mediator between you and your ex and his lawyer so that you don’t have to deal with your abusive spouse. With the lawyer by your side, there is a lesser chance that you will get bullied by your spouse and be forced into agreeing on something that is not favourable towards you.

Child Custody

Family law attorneys can assist in drafting a child custody agreement according to the custody that the parents have agreed. The agreement will outline information such as visitation schedules and other information that have to do with the parenting schedule. The document also addresses issues like curricular activities and religion.

Family law attorneys can tell you the realistic child support payment you should be asking for. He can help you to calculate how much child support payment you should request. These taking into account basic needs like food, medical care, educational expenses, travel, etc. The lawyer can also assist in making changes to child support when necessary.

Prenuptial Agreements

Family law attorneys can also draft prenuptial agreements for couples who are planning to get married. Prenuptial agreement is necessary if one of the couples has a large number of assets and decides to use an agreement to protect his assets in case of divorce. The prenuptial agreement will outline information on the division of the property and assets. However, child custody and support are not allowed in a prenuptial agreement.

Child Adoption

Family law attorneys can assist in making the child adoption process smooth. He can help you to complete the necessary paperwork for child adoption. The lawyer knows what to do in case something goes wrong. There are a lot of legal red tapes in child adoption. Hiring a family law attorney can help you to avoid them easily as he is well versed with the law.