What Happens If You Jump Bail?

What Happens If You Jump Bail?

If you are arrested, the judge may allow you to leave jail until your scheduled court date if you or someone else agrees to post bail. If you fail to appear in court several things are likely to happen.

Someone May Come Looking for You

If the crime you are accused of is minor, the police may issue warrants but not actively come looking for you. However, if you posted bail through a bail bonds service, it is very likely the bail bondsman will. The reason for this is that your failure to show up in court costs their business money and they will want to retrieve you to get it back. Additionally, some bail bonds services also provide fugitive recovery North Carolina.

Your Driver’s License May Be Suspended

Your driver’s license may be suspended until you appear in court. If you get caught¬†driving on a suspended license, you will not only face the usual penalties but you will likely get arrested because of warrants.

Your Bond Amount May Increase

The court may increase your bond amount, even if you have already posted bail. You also may become ineligible to be bailed out if you get arrested in the future.

You May Face Additional Criminal Charges

You may be charged with failure to appear in court, or contempt of court. If convicted, you may serve additional jail time or be required to pay fines.

Whoever Paid Your Bail Will Lose Money

If someone else co-signed your bond, they will be required to pay the entire amount of the bond. If they used any of their property as collateral, that property will be surrendered to the court if they cannot pay.

The consequences of not showing up for court after posting bail can be severe. To avoid these potential consequences, be sure to appear for all of your scheduled court dates.