What To Do If You are Injured in a Car Accident in Virginia Beach?

What To Do If You are Injured in a Car Accident in Virginia Beach?

Resolving an auto accident is difficult for everyone. However, with the right knowledge of steps in place, walking through the maze becomes a lot easier.

Before losing your hair, read over this guide for what to do if you are injured in a Virginia Beach car accident. You may very well be on your way to claiming more benefits and coverage than you ever thought possible.

Call for Help and Cooperate

Whether in Virginia Beach or elsewhere, the first step following a car accident is to call 911. Emergency personnel will examine the scene and provide medical attention for everyone impacted by the accident. Once the emergency crew arrives, cooperate with them by presenting an honest police report, illustrating all aspects of the accident. If you are unsure about specifics, avoid potentially incriminating misinformation, and say so. For your own records, ask for the identification numbers of all personnel.


Document as Much as Possible

After calling for help, document the accident by taking photos and videos using your cellphone. Be thorough with these documentations, catching as many angles as you can with the time you have. At the very least, document all fundamental aspects, including vehicle damage, physical injuries, road, and environmental conditions, and any witness statements.

Be Smart with Insurance

When it comes to your insurance company, collect all necessary information from drivers and witnesses, and report the accident. As far as the other driver’s insurer, AVOID making any recorded statement. The goal of the insurer is to keep costs down, and you are under no obligation to provide any information without first speaking to a car accident lawyer in Virginia Beach.

Utilize Your Benefits

Even if you are not to blame, you still want to utilize your health insurance. You will be involving health providers you are familiar with, and you may as well use what you pay for. Consider if your vehicle’s insurance policy includes medical payments coverage. You want to gather as many resources as possible so that the money you pay out of pocket is kept to a minimum.

Vehicle damage caused by another driver means YOU select the body shop for repairs to your vehicle. The at-fault driver’s insurer is liable for all your repairs. Additionally, while your car is being repaired, you are entitled to rent a car that is also paid for by the other driver’s insurance company.

Hire A Qualified Auto Accident Lawyer

Hiring an attorney saves you from settling for a total that inadequately meets your medical needs. Vehicular accidents often happen in the blink of an eye, leaving drivers relatively clueless as to what actually occurred. By hiring a qualified auto accident lawyer, an investigation will take place to ensure that all chances of damage recovery are considered.

Finding your footing after an accident isn’t easy, but by following these 5 basic steps, you’re on the right track to making the most out of an unfortunate situation.